SSL Certificates

So this is one of those things I thought would be hard. And then it just took me about 5 minutes…

I’ve been using greengeeks as my web host for years and years, and recently they added a one-click Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. I have a few hosted clients where the free Let’s Encrypt product might not be the right choice, but for a very small personal blog, it’s a fine choice in my opinion.

And like seriously, it took 5 minutes. Maybe would have been less, but I made a cup of tea while I was waiting for it to install. And then I came into my WordPress backend and did a couple things and poof. Cute little lock up there…

If I had a larger or messier WordPress set-up, there could have been some weird things to also do, like find-replace of hard-coded urls, but this site is really basic so far (and also doesn’t have hard-coded urls anywhere…).

So, if you’re on the fence about it, or nervous or whatever, I’d say just give it a try somewhere low stakes. I mean the worst that happens really is you uninstall the certificate and go back to normal. The best that happens is you contribute to an ecosystem where having secure websites is normal and approachable for everyone.

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