Latest coding experiment

Some major progress this week on the app I’ve been (very slowly) working on for my book club.

Screenshot of my in-progress book club app, showing the profile page.

Book club doesn’t have an official name, but that makes for a boring app. So it’s named after a peach pit (a story for another time) and styled after The Peach Pit (the diner in Beverly Hills 90210).

Originally, I’d started building out this app as a way to experiment with GraphQL APIs and show a prospective employer my React skills. But now that prospective employer is my actual employer, and I use GraphQL very heavily all the time. Controversial opinion (maybe?) but I don’t love it. I do think it has its place in the world of APIs but like everything it’s not the right fit all the time. And so now, the thing I mostly wanted to explore was some front-end stuff – using TypeScript with React and a new-to-me UI library – chakra-ui. So for the backend, I just really wanted to get something up and running fast.

So, I went with supabase to handle all my database, user management, and API stuff. Key factors are that it’s free, easy to get running, and handles authentication stuff. It’s been pretty painless so far. Making that banner above with html/css/svg took about me about the same amount of time as it did to get my database all setup. Which says something about my rusty front-end skills, but also says something about how easy supabase can be to get started!

You can see my code on github if that’s a thing you like to do.

Or you can subscribe to my blog over on the side if you want to hear about my thoughts on chakra-ui or more details about how I set up supabase. I have no serious timeline on this, but even in just building out a small piece of this app, I’m already learning lots and this is as good a place as any to record them for posterity (aka future-me…)

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