Developing a Theme

I am not a graphic designer, and I try not to pretend to be one… I do, however, have Thoughts about how I want my website’s layout to look and function.

So, to that end, I’m starting with a starter theme –

Screen shot inception – at least until I make this theme mine

Right now, it’s in its starting state, I haven’t done anything with it yet other than get it running locally and install it on the live site. It’s kind of late here, and I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out wprig 2.0 (beta). And I might go back to it, but for now, while I just want to have something working, I’m going to stick with 1.0.4 (latest release).

Reading through the code for 2.0, I realize that I’m also very out of practice with PHP. I can figure out the basics, and the structure of an older style of WordPress theme is pretty familiar to me. The class structure in wprig 2.0, though, in theory makes a lot of sense, but just wasn’t clicking with me about where to even start. Maybe once there’s documentation, I’ll feel a little more confident diving into it!

I work with classes and object-oriented programming all the time in my day job – Salesforce uses a language called Apex which is based on Java. And I use component-based architecture for front-end, as well (3 different flavours, depending on the day). So I’m confident I can figure out PHP with classes, etc. but it’s a school night and I still have a podcast to edit.

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